Tisdale Creek Ranch Inc. (TCRI) was founded in 1996. Throughout 23 years of service the company has always focused on changing with the industry. Originally, the company began as a trucking company to haul water for CBM. The company diversified in 2006 by creating JCG, LLC our Class I Injection well facility. In 2013, TCRI Measurement, LLC was created to meet measurement and automation needs for our customer base. In 2019, we now have three different divisions in the TCRI family; trucking, disposal, and measurement/automation. Safety is always our concern when it comes to our operations. From our employees to our customers safety is never an option, it's always our top priority. 

Trucking and Waste Water Disposal


Trucking Services:

We provide various trucking services to meet our customer needs. We have 165-185 bbls  tanker trailers, side dump trailers, step deck trailers, flatbed trailers, lowboy trailer, belly dump trailers, winch trucks, and a hydrovac. We also have a full service roustabout crew. 

Disposal Services:

We own and operate a WDEQ Class I injection Well  20 miles North of Gillette that is exclusive to our trucking division.

Measurement/Automation Services:

We provide various measurement services that include oil and gas measurement, calibration services, equiment sales, various IT services, hosted SCADA, and camera systems.